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Our Capabilites

EFP VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a full service video production company that has served broadcast and cable networks both nationwide and worldwide since 1978. EFP owns High Definition broadcast television equipment and offers these assets to produce and create various television programs. EFP can also arrange the hiring
of broadcast technicians to staff various productions worldwide. Headed by Gene Samuels, an Emmy Award winning Director of Photography, EFP’s clients include ESPN, A&E, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, SHOWTIME, plus numerous independent television production companies.

Gene Samuels has been involved in television production since 1977 after graduating from Ithaca College with a television production degree. Starting off as a live sports cameraman with ABC-SPORTS shooting Monday Night Baseball and Wide World of Sports, WOR-TV in New York City working on New York Mets telecasts, MSG Network and Sportschannel shooting all of the local New York Sports teams and freelancing with ESPN and CBS SPORTS, he has worked on over 2500 live sports and entertainment events. With WOR-TV, he also held the position of News Cameraman for 5 years shooting news stories and documentaries in the New York Metro area. In 1995 Gene received an Emmy Award for work on the first X-Games
for ESPN and was the cameraman who captured the
attack on Nancy Kerrigan. He also worked on numerous entertainment shows including New Years Eve Specials for CBS-TV at Disney World, MTV Music Awards, concerts, theater presentations and award shows.

There have also been many series of travel shows for
PBS and the food network. EFP VIDEO has worked with the
BBC, HISTORY CHANNEL, BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL and countless others on documentaries of every subject.  EFP VIDEO has been involved in and covered every aspect of television production known and it’s work has been seen world wide.

EFP VIDEO has been involved in and covered every aspect of television production known and its work has been seen worldwide.

With the acquisition of multiple Hi-Definition camera packages, EFP launches itself into the next era of television production. With a number of various projects already shot, EFP is ready to once again lead the way into this new genre.




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